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Comment by highaltitude

Hey Mukhang Guilty,
I’m not sure you remember me but met once through Christine & Mesh. They’re helping me getting ready for the KOTR.

Running has changed my life and I’m just excited I get to meet people who are into it.

I just stumbled upon your blog. I was reading some of my friends blog- trying to get some inspiration to go running tonight.

Hey if you do run for the KOTR, I hope you get to visit our restaurant at the Fort: its called Paul Calvin’s Deli. We’ll be serving Healthy Breakfast Buffet. We’re located at Rizal Drive (Between UCC & Chowking) sa tapat lang kami ng helipad.

Para di kayo maligaw you can call us at 856.5900.

Excited to meet new friends and hopefully new running buddies.

-Jay Em of Paul Calvin’s Deli

Comment by jaymessingaround

notsquare / beabear


Comment by notsquare / beabear

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