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Progression to Triathlon 2
August 30, 2008, 6:58 pm
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… I did it.. I finally did it.. I got myself a bike 🙂 I got it the weekend after the Men’s Health All Terrain Race.  

The decision to get a bike was easy, I had a goal in mind (IRONMAN!!), and getting a bike was a prerequisite to achieving that goal.  The devil however, is in the details… What kind of bike should i get? What brands are out there? What’s the price range? 

Being the nerdy geek that I am, I spent roughly around half a day on Saturday to do desktop research to get myself acquainted on the essential bike literature.  From what I gathered, these are the key points:

  • There are two general types of racing bikes, ROAD BIKES and TRI BIKES
  • The aggressive (body forward) sitting position on a Tri Bike allows you conserve your quads, shifting the pedaling load to your hamstrings… which could save your legs when you run.  The sitting position on a road bike is more upright, this means that you would be burning some glycogen off your quads when pedaling.
  • Tri bikes have aerobars that allow you to achieve a more aerodynamic form which will save you some time when biking long distances
  • Bike frames can either be carbon, aluminium, or titanium
  • Shimano 105 groupset is a practical choice
  • Some bike brands out in the market are ORBEA, CERVELO, TREK, KUOTA
  • Est. price range would be between 50K to 300K
  • TRI BIKES are more ‘maporma’ than ROAD BIKES 🙂

Armed with the information above, I ended up getting a MERIDA WARP 5 TRI Bike

Some people have asked me why i never got a bike with a whiz-bang carbon fiber frame, kickass groupset and wheelset, why not go all the way since I am really serious about doing triathlons?.. these are my reasons:

  1. How can you appreciate a high end bike if you’ve never tried on an average bike?
  2. Being a newbie, i feel that I haven’t reach the performance level to DESERVE an expensive bike
  3. And being the competitive person that I am, it gives me great satisfaction to beat someone who is “more equipped” than I am in a race.
  4. IT’s not the PRICE of the PACKAGE, but HOW you use your package that counts.

TIME TO START RIDING…. swimming nalang ang kulang.


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you have a pokemon aerobar?

nice bike! but never go on aero position on a busy street if you don’t want to end up like me. 😮

MARGA… the PIKACHU aerobar is to add humor to my article :-)… with regard to bruises.. I think I have bruises to match yours already…

Comment by marga

hi harry,
Good luck as you embark on your goal to be an Ironman someday. Hope to see you in future triathlon races.


Comment by levyang

Hey are you training for the Ironamn in Manila March 2009?
I’m officially starting my run swim training this week… not for the Ironamn but just to be ready in case a triathlon happens to come my way…the bike I will get within the year….. scuba muna hehehe

Comment by Runtintin

Runtintin, there is an Ironman Manila?!?!??!

Comment by marga

Well, that’s what I heard from my tri friend. =) I’ll ask him if it’s an “official” Ironman event or just an ironman distance tri. Will keep you posted…I’ll let you know next week!

Comment by Runtintin

Didn’t realize you were a blogger 😛

Let’s do some bricks together soon bro!

Comment by Javy

Hey Har!
Congratulations…. Long time no run with you guys. I miss it.


Comment by Beni

wer did you purchase your tri bike? and how much?

Comment by igo

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