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Morning Runs
June 6, 2008, 3:20 pm
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I’ve always been an advocate for change.  I believe that change keeps things exciting, challenging.  However, the fear of the unknown that change brings makes us ‘iffy’ to a lot of things.  I’ve fallen victim to the FEAR OF CHANGE quite a few times with work and sometimes, with my previous relationships.  People have this tendency to want to be in control of things, change is like the antithesis to that… to describe it metaphorically, it’s like the feeling you get when you first try out a new roller coaster ride, FEAR OF CHANGE is like the fear you feel before the first big drop… and when it happens, the THRILL and EXHILARATION that follows best describes the aftermath of change… it’s the thrill and exhilaration feeling that makes embracing change worthwhile 🙂

Wait a minute… ano ba ang connect nito sa morning runs??!!  Let me explain… sometimes we get too comfortable with our training routine that we forget that it’s time to move forward…. either increase distance, pace, or weights.  CHANGING your routine involves a bit of PAIN, and sometimes, schedule adjustments..

I came to the realization that i needed to change my routine while checking out the TRAP website.  On top of my full marathon goal, I was also contemplating on when I was going to do my first Olympic Distance Triathlon.  OLYMPIC distance Triathlon involves a 1.5k swim, 40k bike, and a 10k run.  The 10k run shouldn’t be a problem, but cycling for 40k?  hmmm…that would be like cycling from my place in CG to HAPPY’s place in AAV and back!  Let’s not even discuss swimming, I’m a diver, and divers are taught NOT TO USE THEIR ARMS UNDERWATER.. I would have to do T.I. (total immersion) or get a swimming coach to relearn swimming. 

SO when will i bike or swim?  I work six day weeks, i do all my runs in the evenings, I lift weights after running.  I finish around 9pm every night, and from 9pm onwards, it’s HAPPY time.  I’ve gotten so comfortable with this arrangement, that I’ve succumbed to procrastinating… to the point that this whole transition to triathlon thingy was starting to look like a philosophical exercise… MENTAL NOTE TO SELF… CHANGE IN TRAINING PROGRAM REQUIRED.. NEED TO START CYCLING, and SWIMMING…. first step yan to achieving IRONMAN 🙂

Sacrifices had to be made to make room for cycling and/or swimming.  The only way to do this was to give up an hour of sleep and move my runs to early mornings.  This was hard for me as i always have trouble waking up in the morning.  BUT I NEEDED to embrace change, and I DID, and I’m glad I did:)   I’m now on my second week of doing morning runs and I now have time to do RPM, or SWIM. 



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My good friend Nonoy was my TI coach. Take it! Sulit!

Comment by thebullrunner

Yup, i second the motion ni TBR. perfect ang TI for triathlon. kung sa diving, walang arms, sa TI naman, halos walang feet. so you get to save your legs for the bike and run after. Good luck

Comment by Levy

Good luck with the training. It’s a sacrifice but you’ll be rewarded with it. You’ve made a lot of progress this year with breaking 50 minutes for 10K. Congratulations again!

Comment by Wayne

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