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May 22, 2008, 9:04 am
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I’m back!  After being down with diarrhea for 4 days, I could say I have completely recovered from it.  Having lost 4 running days (MISSED THE PRINGLES RUN AS WELL), my legs were just itching to GO GO GO!  I resumed my regular 5k tempo on Monday… PACE 4:48.. I was on the road to recovery.  Then came Tuesday, my 21K long run. There are things that i fear about long runs… HUMIDITY, and HEAT, historically speaking, I’ve always crashed when i did my long runs at 34 degree weather, thank God the rainy season started early this year 🙂

I check my car’s external temp gauge on my way home from work, it was 31 degrees, I glanced up the sky and it was dark and cloudy, i rolled down my window and felt the air… SHIT the weather IS HUMID.  When i got home, filled up my fuel belt, went up to my room… contemplated whether i was gonna wear “nyort nyorts” or not given that the weather’s uncooperative.  I decided against the nyort nyorts, i’ll save it for race weekends.

Once i got down, i went to the laundry area to wet my polar chest strap.  As i was busy trying to adjust my chest strap, here comes Sputnik who started playing with the footpod attached to my mizunos.  One thing thats bad about my dog is that when he starts playing with me, he becomes really rough, his playful bite could get really painful at times.  I was in no mood to let my dog chew off my foot pod so i shooed him away. 

On my way out of the house, I set my polar.. distance = 21Km, pace 6:20… and then I was off… I was doing about 5:30 in first 2 kms.  I decided to slow down to about 5:50 to 6:00 to manage my run.  When i got to the 3.5km mark, rain clouds started forming, i could feel the temperature dropping, with the cool wind blowing, leaves rustling, and lightning on the horizon.  The cool breeze made me breathe easy, I decided to run between at PACE from 5:30 to 5:45… I was feeling strong

I normally hydrate myself at the 10km mark, but upon passing the 10km mark, i was still steady at 5:45, I thought of pushing it further for another 5km, hydration point moved down to 15km.  On hitting the 13th km mark, the heavens opened, water came down in trickles and I was hoping it would stay that way… slow steady drizzle till i finish my run.

Weather soon turned ugly when i hit 15km, lighting, thunder, strong winds, then heavy as in HEAVY rain… at this point, i did contemplate whether i should continue my run or not… I was far from my house, if i stopped running, that would mean I’d have to walk home, and walking home would still get me wet… POINTLESS… I therefore decided to continue.  Running in HEAVY rain is crazy and fun at the same time… raindrops could be painful at times, especially when the wind is blowing into you and the rain irritates your eyes,  and of course, there’s BAHA!!!! or at least mini BAHA, i was running into these pools of water and i could slowly feel water seep into my Mizunos… and i could start hearing ‘squish squish squish’ as i was running.  It also didn’t help when the lights went out in the village, I almost got side swiped by this car turning in from the main road shortly after the lights went out.  I guess the driver must have thought i was crazy for running in the rain 🙂

Enough of the crazy stuff.. now the fun part about running in heavy rain is that my PACE dropped from 5:45 to 5:30 to 5:15 on my last 5kms, I actually finished below 2 hours because of the rain.  Here are the stats… Distance= 21km, Time= 1:58:32 Avg HR= 161, Pace= 5:38, Kcal= 1975


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