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May 15, 2008, 2:14 pm
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I was recently brought to this really awesome dive site about an hour and a half away from Anilao.  The site’s called San Agapito, and it’s located under the waters of the Verde Island Passage.

The trip to Verde Island was a trip of coincidence.  I was really planning on diving with Hernel but Hernel won’t be available for the dive, so that left me with diving with people from work.  Diving with work people is something i hesitate on doing… i see them six days a week, and seeing them on sunday would just be too much.  To further add to my hesitation, i found out that we head out at 6am.  This means OVERNIGHT at the resort which normally makes me miserable as i don’t usually sleep well the first night when i travel.  

The drive to anilao on saturday night was an adventure in itself.  I had an early morning long run on Saturday with T2, I started the day with only three hours of sleep, the long run was a struggle but i completed 15K, and i thought to myself, this should help me sleep well when i get to anilao 🙂  I was hoping that i would feel just the right amount of ‘tiredness’ but i think i got TOO TIRED that i was actually falling asleep while driving to anilao.  It was hell driving to anilao, even coffee didn’t work, but we finally made it.. and I slept like a log.. SUCCESS!

My alarm went off at 5 am, i still felt tired, but the thought of having coffee was a motivator to get my lazy ass out of bed.  The gentrade boys arrived promptly at 6, quick setup and we’re off at 6:30.  The boat ride was very calm, we had a big boat, we even saw dolphins.. i said to myself… this is turning out to be OK after all. 🙂  Upon reaching San Agapito, our boat was tied to bamboo poles protruding from the water.   We did two sites, a coral garden on one side, and a reef wall on the other side.


Angie, Tony, Hubert, ME (still feeling grouchy early morning)

Our first dive at the coral garden in San Agapito was OK, I saw lots of anthias, nudies, a frogfish, HUGE groupers swimming by, fusiliers, etc etc!  Max depth was at 92ft, water was a cool 81 degrees fahrenheit.  Current was mild to moderate, as we reached the inteserction where the coral garden meets the reef wall, current started becoming strong,  We decided to turn around, and move up to 30 to 19 ft so the guys could do their safety stop… Dive time was 49 minutes, still had 1200 PSI left.


Kick ass photo of me amidst anthias.  THanks to YAH-MAN.. our dive guide whose name i can’t remember.. i shall call him YAH-MAN because of his dreadlocks

Fascinating shot of a frog fish, couldn’t understand why YAH MAN kept on taking pictures that green thing, turned out frog fish nga…

Our second dive would prolly be my BEST DIVE in the philippines ever, we started on the other side of the reef wall and drifted towards the corner where the wall meets the coral garden, we saw a LOT more pelagics, schools of FUSILIERS, JACKS, GROUPERS.  As we got to the corner, YAH MAN brought us to the edge… lo and behold… a mini siaes corner with lots of HUGE PELAGICS, i wished i brought my reef hook with me, anyway like all good things, the dive had to end… MAX DEPTH 80ft, Dive time 55 mins, temp, 81 degrees Fahrenheit.  I had 1000 PSI left after… Someday, I will go back 🙂



Me and Hubert



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